Schroedinger's Equation

- Example #1   - 

1. Undisturbed spreading of the wave package, dispersion

    A gaussian wave package is moving in x-direction without disturbance. During the movement, it is corroding increasingly (dispersion). 

    further  experiments:

  • If you turn on "fourier-analysis", you will recognize, that the wave spectrum of a gaussian distribution is again a gaussian distribution that is widening with the sharpness of the wave. As the wave package is corroding, the wave spectrum gets narrower.
  • If you choose a higher speed, i.e. a smaller wave length (for example wellenlänge = 5), the particle corrodes more slowly. If it had the speed of light, no dispersion could be observed.
  • Vice-versa, particles with a large wave length (for example: wellenlänge = 20), corrode very quickly. 
Prof. Michael Feindt
Michael Klein
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