Schroedinger's equation

- example #2 - 

2. A potential step


    The gaussian wave package is moving agains a potential step, which has a lower energy than the wave itself. In the classical theory, the wave would enter into the area of higher potential without disturbance, but in the theory of quantum-mechanics, a small part is reflected.

    further experiments: 

  • Ist das Energie der Stufe viel höher als die der Welle (z.B. Hoehe = 5), so kann die Welle nicht in das Gebiet eindringen. Sie wird totalreflektiert.
  • If the enery of the step is much larger than that of the wave (for example: Hoehe = 5), the wave will not be able to enter the area: it is totally reflected.
Prof. Michael Feindt
Michael Klein
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