We have moved to the city of Karlsruhe in the southwest of Germany in Summer 2011. Karlsruhe
Berlin I've been living in the capital of Germany from 2008 to 2011 while working at DESY in Zeuthen.
As a postdoc at Fermilab I enjoyed life in Naperville IL, a suburb of Chicago, for three years. Chicago
Siegen In Siegen I finished my Ph.D. thesis.
For 2.5 years I was on a research assignment to DESY for my Ph.D., living in Hochkamp, a beautiful suburb of the free and hanseatic city of Hamburg. Hamburg
Dortmund I spent my undergraduate years at Dortmund, which at times is called Germany's beer and/or football (i.e. soccer) capital.
I grew up in Dedinghausen, a small village close to the town of Lippstadt, where I went to school. Lippstadt
Music I used to be an avid tenor sax player, but other things are keeping me busy these days.
The giant: John Coltrane defined it.
The modern standard: Michael Brecker.
I love the soprano sound of Bill Evans.
I used to play a Selmer (France)
S80 Super Action Serie II tenor saxophone,
Dave Guardala "M. Brecker" mouthpiece,
LaVoz Medium reeds and a Winslow ligature.
The Sax