GridKA  TAB Meeting at GridKa, Friday, Oct.  19th, 10:00  
                      with T2 Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 18th

                                                   66th TAB meeting         

   dial-in via DESY  TelKo System:    040-8998-1390 + Pin # 42097



Upcoming events
  1. Overview Board  Nov. 22

Draft Agenda Friday

  1. Tier2 Session 10:00-11:30 Reports from Tier2s
  2. agreement on Agenda and minutes of last meeting
  3.  GridKa Site Report 
    experiment reports (~10 min each) : ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, Babar CDF, Compass, D0
    please include "avialability measurements by experiments"
  4. Tape Storage (Jos)  
  5. Discussion of resource distribuion 2008-2012
  6. Usage D-Grid Resources @ GridKa
  7. Election of new TAB Chair
  8. A.O.B.  

    (please make additions !)