Organ Concert with Christian-Markus Raiser

There will be an Organ concert with Christian-Markus Raiser in the

Ev. Stadtkirche, Marktplatz, Karlsruhe on

Saturday, July 28, 2007 at 21:00.

Christian-Markus Raiser, Organist at the Ev. Stadtkirche in Karlsruhe (Lutheran City Church, at Marktplatz, next to the pyramid), will give a short introduction to the history and architecture of the Stadtkirche and then play Works of Bach, Buxtehude, Bull, Grieg and Widor on both, the Remy-Mahler choir organ and the large romantic Steinmeyer organ.

The Remy-Mahler Choir Organ
in Ev. Stadtkirche, Karlsruhe
Christian-Markus Raiser

Raiser is Cantor and organist of the Ev. Stadtkirche since 1996, where he also directs the Bach-choir and the vocal ensemble CoroPiccolo. As organist he performed in almost all europaen countries and North- and Southamerica. Several CD's document his artistic activities.

The lutheran City Church at the Marketplace was build according to plans of the famous architect Friedrich Weinbrenner from 1807 to 1816. Build in an classicist style - Weinbrenner designed the church in the style of a greek temple- it was meant as a cathedral church of the state Baden. The clock tower was a personal request of Karl Friedrich, Grand Duke of Baden..