EPJ C - Special Volume

EPJC has finally decided to issue a special volume about 'SUSY - on the Eve of the LHC' which will be dedicated to Julius Wess. The Editorial Board will invite several authors from the SUSY proceedings to contribute longer review articles to this volume.

EPJC will also include a limited number of new, original and shorter "letters", "regular articles" and papers on "tools for theory and experiment". These must - as any paper published in EPJC - comply with their general "aims and scopes", see at www.epj.org.

All articles will be subject to the usual refereeing and evaluation process.

If you think your contribution qualifies for this, please submit your manuscript online using https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/epjc, or - in order to find out if your manuscript will qualify - send an email to the editors-in-chief, bartels@mail.desy.de (theory) or bethke@mppmu.mpg.de (experimental).