SUSY07 Proceedings

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Download the complete SUSY07 proceedings (pdf)

The SUSY07 proceedings will be published electronically and with Librix-Publishers, either in paperback or on CD. You have the choice for the proceedings: you can either get a hardcopy or a CD of the proceedings. The CD will include all photos of the conference.

In addition, the editors of the refereed journal EPJ C are interested to publish the subset of the contributions discussing original work, which meets the expectations regarding novelty and significance.
More information can be found here.

If you would like to submit a paper for the proceedings you can do so until
October 15th, 2007
(this deadline is sharp)

by submitting your paper to the arXchive ( and put as comment: "Submitted for the SUSY07 proceedings".

Author instructions

Page limits

  • 4 p for parallel session talks
  • 10 p for plenary talks

The contributions should be submitted to the arXiv using the template below.

  • Download the LaTeX template.
  • Add your text and figures to the template. Please, follow the instructions in the template.
  • Submit your paper to the arXiv ePrint server. (See arXiv ePrint Submission Instructions below.)
  • Did you include the conference name in the comments field?
  • Then upload the pdf file from arXiv to Indico using the "My Contributions" button on the SUSY07 webpage and selecting "paper" in the management area. Note this pdf file should have arXiv number written on it, so the editors can access tex file via the arXiv.

arXiv ePrint Submission Instructions
All papers for the proceedings of this conference must be submitted to the arXiv ePrint archive For first time users, a general submission help can be found at the arXiv ePrint site. The Web upload is particularly easy to use from a PC, Mac, or UNIX machine. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the server with an ePrint number in the form "archive/yymmnnn."
REMINDER: When submitting your files to the arXiv, do not forget to include all the files that are necessary to create a valid PS or PDF of your paper. This includes graphics (in *.eps format) and the SUSY07-stylefile.

Submitting to the ePrint Server
When submitting your paper to the arXiv ePrint server, be sure to include the conference information in the comments field. For example Susi L. Signal and her colleague's submission would look like this:
Authors: Susi L. Signal and Thomas F. Soon.
Comments: Submitted for the SUSY07 proceedings, 4 pages, LaTeX, 3 eps figures.

Additional Information about the arXiv ePrint Server

File Size
The arXiv ePrint server rejects files over 650k. This problem generally occurs if the paper contains a lot of large figures. Usually large figures are a result of converting jpegs to PS files. The arXiv ePrint server provides help on how to do this more efficiently. Another way to avoid this problem is to submit smaller graphics, with lower resolution and then provide a link to your Web page in the Comments section pointing users to better quality pictures.

Submit the pdf-file from arXiv (with its arXiv number on the pdf file) to INDICO using My Contributions